• Freng 1. Select settings
  • freng2 2. Select more from the menu
  • freng3 3. Select Mobile networks
  • freng4 4. Select Access Point Names
  • freng5 5. Select "+" symbol to add the APN.
  • freng6 6. Under Edit Access Point select Name and APN to edit
  • freng7 7. In the box ‘name’ type Vectone, click on OK.
  • freng8 8. In the box ‘APN’, enter and click on OK.
  • freng9 9. Once done the Name and APN will be updated with the new settings. Click on 'save'.
  • freng10 10. Make sure the APN you updated is selected. This will be all. You are now ready to start surfing.

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