For Automatic Settings

  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_ios_step_1 1. From the main menu, select Settings
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_ios_step_2 2. On the Settings page, select the Phone option
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_ios_step_3 3. Select SIM Applications on the newly opened screen
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_ios_step_4 4. Under Vectone Services, select Automatic
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_ios_step_5 5. You will receive a confirmation that the phone is set to Automatic configuration

For Manual Setting

  • Vectone_service_setting_manual_ios_step_1 1. From the main menu, select Settings
  • Vectone_service_setting_manual_ios_step_2 2. On the Settings page, select the Phone option
  • Vectone_service_setting_manual_ios_step_3 3. Select SIM Applications on the newly opened screen
  • Vectone_service_setting_manual_ios_step_4 4. Under Vectone Services, select Manual
  • Vectone_service_setting_manual_ios_step_5 5. On the newly opened screen, select "In Belgium" or "Abroad" depending on your current location.

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