Overseas communication made simple

  • mobile chat
  • Connect even without mobile signal

  • mobile chat
  • Avoid expensive roaming charges

  • mobile chat
  • Use on multiple devices at once

  • mobile chat
  • Free calls to other app users

mobile chatConnect without mobile signal

When you’re travelling far and wide it’s easy to find yourself with a bad signal or out of range – but it doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected. Just use the Vectone App over a Wi-Fi connection and you will have the freedom to call and text loved ones as if you’re just around the corner.

mobile chatAvoid expensive roaming charges

Your holiday money should be spent on having fun, not paying excessive roaming charges. And with the Vectone App, you can avoid roaming charges altogether. Just launch the app on a Wi-Fi connection and use your Vectone Mobile number just like you would at home.

mobile chatUse on multiple devices at once

Your phone isn’t the only way to call and text loved ones while you’re travelling. The Vectone App works on tablets and PCs too. Plus our app works on five devices at once, so whichever one you’re using (or whichever one’s powered up), you’ll always have a way to stay connected.

mobile chatFree calls to other app users

As a traveller, it’s great to be able to call loved ones back home for free – it’s even better when they can call you for free too. Get your contacts to download our Wi-Fi app, so anyone can get in touch whenever they want, free of charge. Say goodbye to international call rates.


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